An Ilthmiren border guard squad

The Ilthmiren Elves were not the first elves on Bartha, for that honor belongs to the Île. They did not build the greatest of citadels, for that honor went to the Duánnan. They never formed the largest of armies, for that honor was claimed by the Móinéir. But if you asked any elf on Bartha which elven nation was the mightiest, they would say the Ilthmiren without hesitation.

The Ilthmiren elves are a proud and haughty people, and were the only to arrive on Bartha without the assistance of the Île. It is said that they appeared on Bartha through a gate opened by the greatest of their Pathmages (a rare and mysterious mystical discipline) who gave her life to fuel the spell. Generations later an attempt to recreate this ritual by scholars of elven magic would lead to the appearance of gnomes in the world. They reside in the forest kingdom of Ilathamar.

An Ilthmiren Pathmage

The Ilthmiren have risen to power as the pivotal elven people of Bartha for many reasons, not the least of which has to do with their role in the Elven Ritual of High Kings. Magic is more prevalent in the Ilthmiren than in any other elven people, and it was they who first developed the Ritual of Kings in the first place, or as some whisper, stole it from another source. They used the power of this magical to bind nature to their will, shaping their forest exactly as they pleased. The Ilthmiren shared this ritual with all but one of the Elvish peoples (the Hütriēa Elves of the West) who each agreed to the terms of Ilthmiren King: that one of his heirs would become married to each people’s ruler, and that the line of each of these unions would become the Elven High Kings. A crystal went to each nation, including the Hütriēa (in case they ever changed their mind) that would serve as the focus for each binding. At this point in history all the crystals save for the first housed within the Great tree of Ilathamar.


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