A Druid of the Hütriēa

Alone among the elven nations, the Hütriēa chose not to accept the terms of the Ilthmiren Ritual of Kings due to their fierce and independent spirit. The Hütriēa were originally brought to Bartha as servitors of the mighty Eremarus Elves, who at this point have disappeared into the desert as a race. After years of struggle, the Hütriēa gained their freedom from the Eremarus and formed their own nomadic society based around a tribal community. They spread throughout the Alkahli Desert and have thrived in their small communities.

The Hütriēa are fiercely independent and have vowed as a people to never be subjected to servitude again, and as such when the Ilthmiren made their offer they refused it and it’s promise of power. It is said that they artifact crystal sent to them is still in the possession of one of their tribes, but diplomatic attempts to have it returned have universally failed. The Hütriēa believe in a single spiritual truth: The Journey. They believe each and every being must be free to make choices on their journey, and that choice is what defines life. To deprive a being of choice is to degrade their being.

A Hütriēan Deathwalker, an elite tribal military unit

The Hütriēa do not have a formal army (or really any centralized leadership) but their various nomadic bands do collaborate to train warriors, mages, and healers. The most vaunted Hütriēan military traditions are those of the Spears of the Sun, an order of spear wielding defenders, and the Deathwalkers, a group of solitary wandering berserkers and warriors. Each tribal group travels with their own Spears, but the Deathwalkers revoke their tribal identity upon induction and instead are seen as the ultimate embodiment of the nomadic principles of the Hütriēa.

Hütriēan magic primarily exerts itself in wild and unpredictable ways as well. There are few wizards among the Hütriēa (though some Hütriēa do wander to wizarding colleges as part of their Journey). Instead, the ritual connections most Hütriēan mages learn lead them to be druids, shamans, and bards, though sorcerers are not uncommon in the bloodlines of those descended from unions with the Eremarus. The leaders of most bands of Hütriēa are mages, but many magic users find themselves drawn to wandering the lands of Bartha.


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