Rise of Madness

Deepwater Adventures Part 1

Past Notes

Arrived in Deepwater from River’s Crossing

  • Came through customs as guests
  • Need permit or college membership to use 4th level spells and up

Met with some colleges

  • Rassi interested in Vitalis
  • Isa interested in Bellificarum

Bellificarum Arena

  • We all did some fights, in groups and 1v1 or 1vMany
  • Earned some points, acquired some hardware

Insurance Job

  • Went to one of the towns outside the city to investigate some “artifacts”
  • Stopped the baddies, got paid

Went to a Vitalis Garden Party

  • A bunch of earth elementals attacked
  • Cat died

Crav baby-sitting some Witch named Meira

Heard about a cache of artifacts found in the free cities

  • Head towards some empty wilderness to the northwest
  • Killed a dragon, a hydra, and some undead
  • Didn’t find any “artifacts” but there was some timey wimey stuff, may have seen the King of Spirits in the past?

Got teleported to Empira

  • Did some wetwork to get passage home
  • Scared some vikings who were looking for a stolen child God
  • Arrived back at Deepwater to a few surprises


wentzell_charles weirdfrog

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