Rise of Madness

Bellificarum Incident

Preliminary Notes

Bellificarum arena attacked 4(?) months ago

  • A magical staff reversed the healing magic of the arena, and released a gas that sent everyone into a blind rage
  • The perpetrator was presumably a member of the Circle, but is not available for questioning
  • The Bellificarum Legate relieved himself of his duties, and confined himself for his actions in the arena, possibly for the rest of his life
  • Bellificarum has left the council, but their seat remains in their absence

The ghosts of the dead from the arena can be seen fighting in the night

  • Apparently living creatures who enter at this time are attacked, and presumably become ghosts as well
  • We do not seem to be able to contact the ghosts, though all avenues have not been tried yet
  • Mortalis does not have a way of releasing the ghosts from their burdens, at least as far as we know

The only way we know of to restore the arena is to forge a new Legate staff, which requires a new Legate

  • The most qualified candidates are either dead, away, or unwilling
  • Isa has volunteered

The Legate trials involve tasks of combat, magic, and more. “An army” can be brought to assist the candidate

  • Vitalis will not assist
  • Mortalis sends some ghost allies who will arrive when we call for them, once
  • Various members of the Circle and what remains of Bellificarum seem interested in helping

We spoke with the spirit of a former legate while in the trials

  • There wasn’t a legate for 20 years, the current legate was faking it
  • Another person became legate a year ago, we think it’s the fire monk
  • The new Legate brought some circle buddies, who all wore a symbol of the King of Spirits

Isa beat the trials and got a legate staff

  • She will need to defeat the fire monk to activate it, though.


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