General campaign concept: The four of you are strangers who find themselves trapped during the siege of the fortress Deruum by the forces of the King of Spirits. The council is discussing what should be done, including acquiescing to the demands of the army at their gates and surrendering the party of diplomats from the capital. You are some of the few adventurers who have not either escaped before the siege or who have died as it has run its course. The higher ups of the council want your input, but other parties may also be looking to buy your services, or your silence.
Will you work with the council to develop a plan of action?
Will you accept the coin of the diplomats and work with them?
Will you try and find your own way out of the doomed fortress?
Will you accept the offers of the army outside the gates?
Or will you find your own way to survive this crisis?

Rise of Madness

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